Janet Hollis, AKASHA Host

Janet Hollis, AKASHA Host

Welcome and Green Blessings!

Welcome! I hope this gives you a little peek into the magic that is AKASHA.  We are conveniently located about 17 miles northwest of Charlottesville, Virginia.  This is “a special place to gather and grow” for friends, families and other groups who want to enjoy an intimate and peaceful retreat with each other in a serenely beautiful location.  AKASHA is designed for overnight groups of 10-14 or non-residential groups of up to 25.

We have had a number of new guests reserving space as word spreads about this hidden treasure.   Every retreat leader who has hosted a program here has commented on the unique energy at Akasha.  Participants continue to enjoy the intimacy of the chapel and comfort of  the Emerson House.  So I recommend getting reservations for your group in place as soon as you can.  I like to give everyone their first priority whenever I can.

Our summer project this year is the renovation of the big garden.  With conflicting priorities last summer, the weeds had taken up residence in full force.  Thanks to Rose and Matt, all of the raised beds are moved with fresh composted soil and everything is mulched.   Veggies and herbs are in place and thriving.

We have also seeded the garden space in front of the chapel with marigolds, zinnias and cosmos.  All of those seeds came from our master gardener Wanda who collected those seeds from her garden last year.  Look for a wonderful cutting flower garden later this summer when you visit!

We appreciate all of you who have made AKASHA your home for annual events.  It’s so great to see our friends come back year after year, or sometimes more than once a year.  If you have a group that you meet with regularly, come on up and check us out as a very special place to gather and grow with your friends, family or coworkers.  The peace and quiet of the fall and winter months are lovely here with the woodstoves and fire circles to warm your soul as well.  Hope to see you soon.

Sending love and light to all, Janet.

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