Welcome to AKASHA! We love to have guests come to enjoy the spectacular beauty of this spot along the Blue Ridge Mountains. AKASHA is an ancient Sanskrit word. It is Ether, the fifth element… the place where all other elements of earth, air, fire and water come from and return. I like to think of it as “All that ever was, All that is, and All that ever will be”. This place is full of that essential energy.

AKASHA: A special place to gather & grow

The “Cairn” is a perfect symbol for AKASHA.  Stacks of stones can be found on trails all over the world as wayfinders for travelers and hikers.  AKASHA is a place where you can come to find your way, whatever path you may be traveling, or just to take a brief rest stop along the way.

For most of my life, I have dreamed of having a peaceful place in the country where there was space to provide a spiritual respite for friends and family. I always knew that when the time was right, the perfect place would appear. And after many years of exploring, the gift of AKASHA appeared in my path in 2007.

I believe that the beautiful stone buildings at AKASHA were originally part of a mission school for boys established in the early 1900’s by Frederick Neve, an Episcopal Archdeacon.  Neve came here from England and settled in Ivy, founding the St. Paul’s Episcopal parish.  He established a number of mission schools throughout the northern counties to bring education and religion to rural families.   We know that the property was originally “Boy’s Haven”, then “Adventure Bound” and most recently, “Mountain Light Retreat Center”.

What is now the Emerson Guest House was a six bedroom, two bathroom stone dormitory for 24 boys with a community kitchen and dining hall on the ground floor.

A beautiful chapel graces the property, complete with the original bell tower! This building used to provide classroom space for the boys. This was the original chapel from Saint Paul’s Episcopal parish in Ivy that was moved here for church services.

The Chloe Cottage

The third building on the 6 acre property is a very sweet three bedroom stone cottage where I currently reside with my kitty, Maya. This was originally the residence for the clergy family. The Chloe Cottage, named for my first granddaughter, has a delicious screened porch overlooking a spectacular view of the mountains.